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The bank that claims to have a Passion to Perform ... more like a Passion to Foreclose and Defraud!  Part of the SCAM OF THE CENTURY! Fraudulent foreclosures (and evictions) are known to be rampant around the country and our government is doing nothing.


QUESTION: Why IS DEUTSCHE MIA in the government's settlement with the banks?  Ask the Deutsche Bank Management Board: Jürgen Fitschen, Anshu Jain, Stefan Krause, Stephan Leithner, Stuart Lewis, Rainer Neske, Henry Ritchotte, (former CEO was Josef Ackermann).  Good luck getting an answer!

Interesting Point:  When you applied for your home loan, you were forced to produce myriad documents, including bank statements, tax returns, W-2s, pay stubs, work and personal references and a ton of money all up front before you could get a mortgage approved and receive the keys to your new home.  But thanks to the big banks and investment firms' obscene fraud, you can lose your home in the blink of an eye.  A mortgage servicing company/bank simply brings a copy of the original mortgage note where you were forced to sign your life away and an Assignment  from one of the pass-through company’s that you’ve never even heard of, record a new deed and your home is gone.

The foreclosure documents, as you may have been heard by now, were not even reviewed in many cases by a human actually reading them.  Robo-signers, they’re called; some signatures were forged; some documents were never properly filed or sealed.

DeutscheBankFraud.com is not just another fraud reporting site.  No, we aim to entertain you as you stumble sadly out the door of your treasured home, courtesy of a Deutsche Bank (Douche Bank) foreclosure.

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