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How many Deutsche Bankers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
ZERO.  Deutsche Bankers don't screw lightbulbs .... they only screw people.

It's part of the Scam of the Century!  Fraudulent foreclosures are known to be rampant around the country and our government is doing nothing.  Instead, they are leaving individuals alone with an overworked, uncaring court system to fight illegal foreclosures and eviction.  

When you applied for your home loan, you were forced to produce myriad documents, including bank statements, tax returns, W-2s, pay stubs, work and personal references and a ton of money all up front before you could get a mortgage approved and receive the keys to your new home.  But thanks to the big banks and investment firms' obscene fraud,  you can lose your home in the blink of an eye.  A mortgage servicing company/bank simply brings a copy of the original mortgage note where you were forced to sign your life away and an Assignment  from one of the pass-through company’s that you’ve never even heard of, record a new deed and your home is gone.   

The foreclosure documents, as you may have been heard by now, were not even reviewed in many cases by a human actually reading them.  Robo-signers, they’re called; some signatures were forged; some documents were never properly filed or sealed.

QUESTION:  Why IS DEUTSCHE MIA in the government's settlement with the banks?

Only five banks were named in the federal government's proposed settlement with banks over their mortgage / foreclosure scams.  DEUTSCHE chose not to participate so it could continue scamming the American public.

:  A Mass Joinder lawsuit (CASE # BC409444 filed in Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles on July 7, 2010) is pending in Federal Court against Bank of America, Countrywide Financial Corp. dba BAC Home Loans Servicing, Countrywide Home Loans, Inc, Recon Trust Company, CTC Real Estate Services, et al).   Mitchell Stein is lead attorney against Bank of America and Countrywide.   So far 8 people have had their notes ripped up as a result of this lawsuit.   Stein is friends with Bill Clinton and it's been reported that this is the lawsuit that will put knock the banks on their asses.  There are 1400 Plaintiffs so far and it's gearing up to go national with a potential of over a million Plaintiffs.   BUT.....instead of going after the banks, the California  government has gone after Mitchell Stein and shut down their offices and confiscated all their files charging THEM with fraud!

Some Local and State Governments Take Notice:  The State of Arizona filed a lawsuit against Bank of America for loan modification fraud and failing to comply with the 2009 consent agreement signed with the federal government.  Nevada has a similar lawsuit.  

The federal government has sued Deutsche Bank for mortgage fraud and the city of Los Angeles sued, calling Deutsche the biggest slumlord the city has ever seen for how it handled foreclosures, evictions and the maintenance, or in this case, the NON-maintenance of Deutsche-owned properties. 

In the old west, if someone stole your horse, you were entitled to shoot the s.o.b., no questions asked.   Nowadays, they can steal your home from under you or violate your person and property and you're supposed to just sit still and take it.

Contact your state Attorney General's office and tell them to do their jobs - tell them to file a class action lawsuit against all the scumbags operating outside the law in the wild west atmosphere of the mortgage-foreclosure-eviction SCAM OF THE CENTURY!



Deutsche ADMITS that its co-defendfants in senior citizen lawsuit were all AGENTS of the Bank.


Docudrama "Home Sweet Home FORECLOSED" Coming Soon!  The story of massive mortgage and foreclosure fraud amid one couple's struggle against the big banks.


Summer 2011--The U.S. government sued Deutsche Bank over mortgage approvals -- The lawsuit, seeking more than $1 billion in damages, says the German firm's New York-based home lender, MortgageIT, recklessly approved 39,000 mortgages for government insurance from 1999 to 2009.

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