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DIRTY TACTICS --- This German owned company, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (with the help of of IndyMac Mortgage Services, Inc.) has been described as the absolute worst when it comes to foreclosures.  It operates freely in the United States, using Nazi-like tactics to throw American people out of their homes without proper legal standing. If your neighborhood looks like the Warsaw Ghetto thanks to this and other banks' actions, you can thank our federal government for its complicity.  

Finally Something:  Nov. 3, 2011::
Federal regulators recently directed 14 major mortgage servicers to mail letters to 4.3 million customers who could be potential victims of FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE PRACTICES. The letters stipulate that homeowners whose houses were foreclosed on in 2009 or 2010 will be eligible for a free review of their cases by a lender-funded independent consultant.  The action stems from revelations last year that banks made widespread and possibly intentional errors on foreclosure paperwork that could have caused financial harm to millions of borrowers – the so-called “ROBO-SIGNING” scandal.

If reviewers find that homeowners were harmed financially, the borrowers may be allowed compensation. The Servicers participating in the program are: America's Servicing Co., Aurora Loan Services, Bank of America, Beneficial, Chase, Citibank, CitiFinancial, CitiMortgage, Countrywide, EMC, EverBank/Everhome Mortgage, First Horizon, GMAC Mortgage, HFC, HSBC, IndyMac, MetLife, National City, PNC, Sovereign Bank, SunTrust Mortgage, U.S. Bank, Wachovia, Washington Mutual and Wells Fargo. Borrowers who want to learn more about the federal review process are encouraged to visit IndependentForeclosureReview.com. Reviews must be requested by April 30.


Notice how the government always puts a deadline on actions, so as to EXCLUDE as many people as possible who may not be up on the news. Another cave in to the big banks? -- you bet!

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a DEUTSCHE LAWSUIT, foreclosure and eviction action, here is something you can use against them in your response papers:

Judicial Notice Documents:

If you’ve sued your bank (or they've sued you) and they've either included alleged home ownership, pass through documents, Deeds of Trust or come back with a request/motion for Judicial Notice documents, be aware that:

1.  “Taking judicial notice of a document is not the same as accepting the truth of its contents or accepting a particular interpretation of its meaning.” (Joslin v. H.A.S. Ins. Brokerage (1986) 184 Cal.App.3d 369, 374.) “While courts take judicial notice of public records, they do not take notice of the truth of matters stated therein.” (Love v. Wolf (1964) 226 Cal.App.2d 378, 403.).

Unverified, recorded documents are simply hearsay.  
All the banks are doing is submitting a bunch of copies of documents that have been recorded with the counties.  The documents don't have to be correct or "verified" by the various entities -- that makes them "HEARSAY".  

2.  In Herrera vs Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., a residential mortgage foreclosure litigation, C065630, Super. Ct. No. SC20090170 , the California Court of Appeal Third Appellate District-El Dorado ruled that  “In the published portion of the  opinion,   we  hold  that  the  trial  court  erred  in accepting  the  contents  of  certain  recorded  documents  as  true  and  relying  upon  that  information  in  determining  the  summary  judgment   motion.    Accordingly,  we  reverse  the  judgment  in  part.” -- NOTE:  the submitted documents were the HEARSAY documents as noted above which lead to the foreclosure action against the party Herrera, whose action, was subsequently reversed "in part".  This is important and gives you a tool to fight against banks in general and Deutsche and INdyMac in particular.

Hiding behind their FORECLOSURE/EVICTION Law Firms:: 
Research indicates that a small number of eviction lawyers handle the majority of bank evictions. These include the Endres Law Firm (Davis); Pite Duncan (San Diego); Randall Naiman Law Offices (San Diego); Jackson & Associates (Irvine); McCarthy & Holthus (San Diego); the Law Offices of Les Zieve (Huntington Beach); and Ruzicka & Wallace (Irvine), among others.

ABUSE OF LEGAL PROCESS: Stupidity and Contempt Beyond Belief

In one lawsuit, attorneys for Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. proved just how despicable and pathetic a company it is by refusing to answer questions put forth by the Plaintiffs, something they had a legal right to ask in the process called "Discovery".  Here's an example that was brought to our attention:  Deutsche said it was too stupid to understand the words or terms as follows (and these are just a few):

"relationship", "eviction", "foreclosure", "foreclosed upon",
"successful", "visit", "check on", "checked",
"foreclosures and/or evictions"
"people", "evict", "California Code"
"representative", "communications", "residents", "court"

And because they were all TOO STUPID to understand the meaning of these words or terms, they refused to answer the questions.  Deutsche also refused to produce documents on the same grounds.  It's just a game to them and a big scam to bankrupt you before you can get to trial.  Deutsche uses specialized foreclosure law firms operating in the United States.  Translated, that means it's all they do.  They're experts is evasion and stalling tactics. 

Deutsche refuses to produce any document that actually proves it even had a legal right to foreclose on a home.

Here's How it Works:
1.  First one of the bank's foreclosure/eviction law firms takes a whack out of you.  You'll either go away quietly ... OR...
2.  If you're stupid enough to even attempt to sue THEM - then another firm comes after you with their evasive tactics.  You'll either go away quietly ... OR...

3.  When those jerks fail in getting you to buckle, the NAZI BANK sends in their LITIGATORS - kind of like the Nazi-Party's WAFFEN SS - only in this case its high priced attorneys who will beat you down with sticks and bricks and then leave you for dead by the side of the road - or just on the curb outside your foreclosed home.


a.  DISCOVERY EXTENSION FRAUD:  If you're involved in a lawsuit with these Nazis, beware of another tactic when it comes to the legal process of Discovery.  If you're requesting interrogatories or document production from them, they will fool you by saying they need additional time to answer your questions, etc.  You may think this is to your benefit.  It's not!  DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM.  They won't come up with any answers, just a shitload of OBJECTIONS filled with ludicrous legalese and tons of lies.  This company is slime personified and they have equally slimy lawyers to prove it.  Yeah...they're just doing their jobs...just following orders!  SIEG HEIL.

All responses to your discovery requests must be verified, a declaration of truth under penalty of perjury.  If they don't send such a verification, it's as good as not answering your discovery requests and it's illegal.  Disreputable attorneys like the Wright, Finlay & Zak group mentioned like to pull this scam.

We urge all readers and victims to contact their state's Attorney General.  The illegal actions of banks and the vulture companies they hire to trash out your home and steal your valuables are criminal and immoral. 

We understand that most people cannot afford to do it, but if at all possible, SUE THEM.  Take them to small claims court where an actual representative of the bank or other company will have to show up in court without an attorney; take them to superior court -- do it yourself if you have to.  Deep pocket big banks are counting on you just walking away, but at least they will have had another lawsuit to contend with. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. deserves to be thrown out of the United States.

In addition to the recent suit by the Federal Government against Deutsche for mortgage fraud, there was this WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORT, By Chad Bray

NEW YORK—Deutsche Bank AG agreed Tuesday to pay $553.6 million and admitted criminal wrongdoing to settle a long-running probe over fraudulent tax shelters that allowed clients to avoid paying billions of dollars in U.S. taxes.

Under a nonprosecution agreement with the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan and the Internal Revenue Service, the German bank won't be prosecuted for its participation in about 15 tax shelters involving more than 2,100 customers between 1996 and 2002, including shelters marketed by accounting firm KPMG LLP and defunct law firm Jenkens & Gilchrist PC.  (You read that correctly: In court papers, the Department of Justice agreed not to criminally prosecute Deutsche Bank for any crimes related to its participation in a broad conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service!  Can you imagine what would have happened if it were you or I involved in such criminal wrongdoing?) Read more of the WSJ article at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703581204576033761692111074.htm,

DEUTSCHE BANK MANAGEMENT TEAM: Jürgen Fitschen, Anshu Jain, Stefan Krause, Stephan Leithner, Stuart Lewis, Rainer Neske, Henry Ritchotte,  former CEO, Josef Ackermann.



May 2012 : Manhattan U.S. Attorney Recovers $202.3 Million From Deutsche Bank And MortgageIT In Civil Mortgage Fraud Case. READ THE PRESS RELEASE.

Global Passion

MUST READ Deutsche's Global Passion to Foreclose.  Like the "energizer bunny", Deutsche plans to keep on going until its batteries stop running OR one by one its executives are sent to the ovens.   Deutsche's ongoing fraud reports.

National Anthem

Deutsche Bank National Anthem is sung daily at all their banks.

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Anshu Jain

Stefan Krause

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Stuart Lewis

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